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Why NYC Schools should implement Access Control and Security Cameras.

Updated: Jan 15

Access Control and Camera Systems keep our children safe while attending NYC schools
Access Control and Camera Systems keep our children safe

New York City schools need to have proper security systems in place in order to ensure the safety of their students and staff. This includes having a system that can track who is entering and exiting the building, as well as a mechanism or turnstile for screening guests. Schools can't afford to have a revolving door, allowing unauthorized guests entering and exiting their buildings. This puts the students and staff at risk, and can be costly for everyone in the community.

One way to help mitigate these risks is by installing a security system that utilizes access control. With this type of system, each person entering the building is scanned and their information is automatically logged. This allows the school administrators to keep track of who is coming and going, and can easily identify any unauthorized guests.

Access Control With Key-Card on NYC School Grounds
NYC School With Key-Card Access Control

Another important aspect of school security is screening guests. Most schools use some type of visitor management system to screen guests before they are allowed into the building. This can include checking ID's, confirming appointments, or running background checks. By using a comprehensive Brivo visitor management system, schools can ensure that only authorized people are allowed into the building.

Sanico USA has the experience to design and implement a modern security strategy that is also expandable as the school or district grows. We can deploy an access control system that connects all exterior doors of all buildings with automated locking and unlocking features. One scenario may be automatically unlocking specific doors in the morning, staying open while students arrived, the doors would then automatically go into a locked mode once the campus bell rings to start the day. Most likely doors are currently being left open, allowing access to the school via several different locations. The new strategy will also direct visitors into a single main entrance, ensuring they properly check-in and check-out of the property.

Our experienced team can also design and deploy a video surveillance system for the entire district with all cameras being monitored on a single screen at any location or even off site via a mobile app. This HD camera system can monitor all entrances and exits of each building as well as common areas such as playgrounds, lunchrooms and hallways.

Real Time Monitoring for NYC School Admin and Security
Admin and Security can monitor everything in real time

When you combine the integration of these two security systems it not only gives the administration a much clearer understanding of who is entering and exiting their buildings but can also provide insights to monitor and address concerns like bullying and theft. This all comes on the heels of a web-based platform that controls all the connected systems, making your school security team more efficient in managing and maintaining the safety of its students and faculty. By having an online platform to manage all of the systems together, the district could see what was happening in real-time and make changes as needed. This also allowed for easier tracking of incidents as they happened, creating a more secure environment for both staff and students.

Benefits of school security systems:

1. Convenience:

One of the benefits of using a district-wide access control system is convenience. With a digital database managing all doors, access can be modified on the fly. Think about the scenario where a staff member has lost a key to a sensitive area, not only is it critical but also expensive and time consuming having to change out the door lock. When using access control, biometrics (facial recognition, finger or retina scanning) eliminates the need for any keys. We can also implement key-cards or key-fobs, and if they are lost they can immediately be deactivated while re-issuing a new one.

2. Accountability:

Previously, keys were sometimes given to faculty and students if they wanted to use the library or recreational areas during after school hours. However, with the new connected access control and video surveillance systems, district security can more easily identify who else has been granted access and find video footage related to access events. This system provides a more secure environment for all members of the community and helps ensure that only authorized individuals have access to these facilities.

3. Efficiency:

Schools often rent out their auditorium or gymnasium to various community groups, which can be a hassle to have someone on-site to unlock the doors and return to lock them. But with a modern access card system, renting common spaces can be hassle-free. The organization leader can pick up an access card during school hours, which is pre-programmed to automatically activate and deactivate at set hours. Plus, we can enable you to remotely unlock and lock doors while monitoring activity from the surveillance cameras, before - during and after an event.

Local Community Organization Utilizing A NYC School Gymnasium After School Hours
Local Community Organization Utilizing A NYC School Gymnasium After School Hours

In addition, our proposals are competitive allowing you to stay within the operating budget. This is an important aspect, as it allows schools to allocate more money towards important educational initiatives while saving tax payers an additional expense.

When considering a security upgrade, it is important to find solutions that are both effective and affordable. With an integrated security strategy, schools can get the most out of their investment, while also ensuring that their students and staff are safe and protected.

Sanico USA has the experience and you can be confident we understand the unique needs of K-12 facilities. We work with schools to create tailored security solutions that meet their specific needs and budget constraints. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your school district!


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