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SANICO USA has been disinfecting schools and municipalities long before the current pandemic and have the experience to help everyone get back to school. We can share with you our mitigating practices specific to school environments and design a tailored disinfecting plan for your buildings. We can also help with pedestrian traffic patterns, Body Temperature scanning, Automated overnight disinfecting units and other back to school preparations.

We also offer thermal camera systems.


Maintaining a clean and healthy learning environment for students is critical for their well-being and academic success. Regular cleaning and disinfecting of all surfaces in schools can help reduce the spread of illness and improve overall air quality. Additionally, properly cleaning and disinfecting schools on a regular basis can help protect staff and students from harmful bacteria, viruses, and other organisms. One of the most important things children can do for their future is attend school regularly. There are many benefits to regular attendance, some of which are:

• Children learn more when they attend school regularly. This includes more academic knowledge as well as important social skills.


• When students miss school, they often fall behind and have a hard time catching up. This can lead to them dropping out of school altogether.


• Children who attend school regularly are more likely to graduate from high school and go on to college.


• Regular attendance also helps children do better in school overall. This includes better grades, test scores, and graduation rates.


There are many reasons why regular school attendance is so important. By sending your child to school every day, you are helping them get a head start on their education and future.

Sanico USA can help you get your students and faculty back to School and you will feel more comfortable with our Disinfecting Services in NYC. Feel free to schedule a complimentary consultation for your school disinfecting and leave the stress and dirty work to us.


In schools, illness causing germs can quickly spread on surfaces and need to be disinfected regularly. Traditional decontaminating tools and cleaning methods provide only limited reach and coverage. Standard tools are not designed to effectively reach all areas and many surfaces are in properly treated — or not treated at all. Traditional cleaning and disinfection methods can leave facilities, and its tenants, at risk of germ transmission and illness. The cost of those illnesses is staggering. 

School Disinfecting Services NYC

At Sanico USA we believe in utilizing science and service to provide cost effective solutions to today's evolving EMR threats. We endeavor to protect our customers their employees, their students and brand reputation through faster, better and more sophisticated sanitation. Here is a link to the official CDC School Guidelines.

When it comes to keeping your school or college clean, disinfecting is key. In fact, germs and viruses can be transferred easily from person to person, surface to surface, and object to object. This is why it’s important to have a disinfecting routine in place.

we use a variety of disinfecting methods and products to clean and sanitize your campus. Some of these methods include:


-Surface disinfectants: These are used to disinfect hard surfaces such as countertops, desks, door handles, and toilets. We use a variety of surface disinfectants, including bleach solutions, alcohol-based cleaners, and quaternary ammonium disinfectants.


-Disinfecting wipes: We use disinfecting wipes to clean high-touch surfaces such as door handles, keyboards, and phones. The wipes are also effective at removing dirt, dust, and other debris.


-Sanitizing spray: We use a sanitizing spray to disinfect areas that are difficult to reach, such as the tops of ceilings and vents.


-Hospital-grade disinfectants: In certain cases, we use hospital-grade disinfectants to disinfect high-risk areas, such as labs and classrooms with open wounds.


If you’re looking for a safe and effective way to disinfect your school or college, Sanico USA can help!. Contact us today to learn more about our disinfecting methods and products.



Sanico USA offers a range of customizable disinfection programs that will fit the needs for any size space. Services include:


Has your school or campus been impacted by a case of COVID-19,? We can deploy a emergency disinfecting team right away. Sanico USA provides a 24-hour response to help decontaminate your areas of concern and minimize any further risk of exposure to students and faculty. We have the experience and equipment necessary to handle even the most serious situations quickly and effectively.


Are you looking for a professional and thorough way to disinfect your school or campus to re-open, getting students and faculty back to work safely? If so, our initial disinfecting service may be the perfect solution for you. Using electrostatic fogging, air scrubbing, and manual wipe-downs, our team will clean and disinfect your common areas and high-touch surfaces such as desktops, door knobs, phones, light switches, stair rails, elevator buttons. We take pride in providing a high-quality service that will leave your premises clean and safe for everyone.


Are you looking for a way to regularly disinfect your school or campus location, consider scheduling a commercial disinfecting service. This can be coordinated with your existing cleaning or janitorial routine on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. By having a professional team come in and take care of the disinfecting for you, you can rest assured that your space is being properly taken care of. Contact us today to learn more about our commercial disinfecting services!


Our team of experts will work with you to create a program that meets your specific needs and requirements, ensuring a safe and healthy environment for your staff and employees. Contact us today to get started!

SANICO USA (844) 726-4268
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