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Sanico USA has a long-standing history as the go-to authority on Access Control Systems in NYC. Our esteemed team of security specialists have decades' worth of construction experience, allowing them to identify and meet your unique safety requirements with ease. In addition, our certification from Brivo Systems cements us as reliable designers and installers for all types of commercial properties. Read our essential article about "Why Jobsite and Construction Site Security is Essential for Life Safety" Here


What is access control?

These are security systems that control and monitor the movement of people or vehicles in and out of certain areas with detailed logging. They typically consists of physical barriers and a software system with a set of rules and procedures for authorized personnel to gain entry into a location. This allows building owners to manage who has access to their facility or certain areas.

What are the benefits?

Commercial buildings and job sites that are equipped with these solutions, benefit from increase workplace productivity and efficiency reduced costs resulting from theft, property damage and loss of business reputation. They also help meet health and safety requirements (Local Law 196) track frequency and location by specific users or visitors within a facility. Ask us about the convenience of Brivo's Apple wallet and Apple watch integration.

Our mission:

Our mission is to leverage our experience with state of the art access control technology to keep your project safe, secured and on schedule!

Types of solutions:

Some of our solutions include turnstile installation with bio-metric sensors, data management and security cameras. When your ready to take your constructions site or building to the next level, Sanico USA is your security systems experts and we have the right solution for you. 




We all know the obvious reasons to implement security systems on your New York City job site, but did you know someone on your site without proper training can cost you up to $5000? You can also get slapped with a civil penalty of $2500 for not having an accurate log of your employees that are on site as well.


Sanico USA works with building management during all stages of construction, from the day you break ground all the way up to the ribbon cutting ceremony, and beyond. Our security systems can start operating from day one, recording time, attendance and verifying employee certifications.


Our expert staff can design a solution unique to your facility, depending on building size, number of employees and security needs. We offer simple card readers to complete building security systems with remote video monitoring.  A permanent or temporary security solution can be installed at a new location as soon your ready.


Check out our "All about nyc access control systems for NYC job sites and facilities"

How to Implement and improve security

  1. How they Work and Why You Need One

  2. About the Different Types 

  3. How to Choose the Right system and installation for Your New York Business

  4. Why Biometrics are the Future

Here at Sanico USA, we know that access control systems for your NYC business is one the most critical services we offer. We also know this can dramatically effect profit margins, site safety and project schedules. Give us a call or send us an email to learn more or to schedule a complimentary consultation.


Half height turnstiles are great for residential apartment buildings, retail stores and small offices that want attendance tracking while adding another layer of security. Our waist high turnstiles include bio-metric options, including fever detection, finger and palm scanning and facial recognition.


All of turnstiles are available with or without bio-metrics and can be custom programmed by our software engineers. to fit your exact application.


Looking for maximum security? Check out our full height turnstile to provide your NYC Businesses with the highest standard of security. We can install these for both indoor and outdoor entry and exit points.

Our secure wireless solutions also allow these to be located anywhere. These are the perfect for protecting physical assets and securing restricted areas in commercial buildings, job sites and modern facilities.

Keypad Acccess Control

If you're looking for something basic, one of our door systems may be the perfect solution. We offer a wide range of keypad systems which are tough, durable and designed to withstand heavy use. They're also affordable and easy to manage, so you'll be able to keep your property protected on a budget. Each employee or visitor is assigned an individual code that integrates with our security system and allows or denies access.

Card Reader Acces Control

Card systems are one of the most popular because numbers to keypads can be shared verbally. With this system, you assign a physical key card to employees or residents, which grant access and allow you to track who has visited the area. This is a great way to ensure only authorized personnel are entering the property.

Our card readers can be installed temporarily while the facility is still undergoing construction or we can install a permanent device that you can hand over to the new owners when the project is complete. 

Facial Recognition Acces Contro

Facial recognition technology uses software to identify individuals and grant (or deny)  rights to a facility or particular space. Facial recognition can be used in office buildings, schools, airports, and other facilities. These systems are becoming increasingly common due to their ease of use, affordability and accuracy. 

Fingerprint Access Cntrol
Fingerprint Access-Control-NYC-Construction-Site.jpg

A fingerprint scanner is a system that reads the unique patterns on your finger and compares them to a stored database of fingerprints. If the scanned print matches one in the database, then the person is allowed entry. They are one of the most secure solutions because of their difficulty to forge or hack. In addition, they are also the most convenient for people who need to frequently enter secure areas.


Palm scanning technology maps out the unique pattern of blood vessels in your palm, capturing over 5 million data points that become an encrypted code, uniquely identifying an individual. It is the only biometric reader currently available without any major drawbacks or vulnerabilities, making them the most advanced security systems on market today! Lear all about palm vein scanning here.

Sanico USA is your licensed New York City Security System Experts!

As you can see there are many different access control solutions we can deploy, from simple card readers to more sophisticated technology systems. It is important to work with a licensed security company who can help you select and manage the right system for your property in the New York City area.

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Sanico USA Designs, Installs, Programs and Services Access Control Systems in and around they NYC tri-state area including:

New York: Bronx

Long Island

Nassau County

Staten Island

Suffolk County


New Jersey:

Bergen County NJ.

Essex Count NJ.

Hudson County NJ.

Middlesex County NJ.

Morris County NJ.

Passaic County NJ.

Union County NJ.


Fairfield County Ct.

Litchfield County Ct.

New Haven County Ct.

New London Ct.

Middlesex County Ct.

Tolland County Ct.

Windham County CT.

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