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Sanico USA offers the only full height turnstile installation on the market that lets you verify employee identity and prevent fraudulent access to your worksites with the latest technology. Our full height turnstiles are the perfect solution for your job site access control needs. They’re rugged, low-maintenance, and built to last. Plus they look great! 

We experience in the construction industry for over 50 years and we understand how important it is to protect your property and assets, which is why we offer the most secure turnstiles with an optional integrated camera systems, so you can monitor employee and visitor activity at all times. Our turnstiles are also compatible with our wide range of accessories such as card assess control, bio-metric technology including facial recognition and temperature sensing or traditional keypads, so we can customize them however you like! We are a full service organization that can design, install, program and maintain your new full height turnstiles just call us anytime and we’ll be there when you need us most!


A turnstile, also called a baffle gate, is a type of security device which allows one person to pass at a time. It can also be made with a ratchet mechanisms so that only swings in only one direction; this type is called a "rising stem" turnstile (the name deriving from the fact that when entering, one's passage is restricted until leaving pushes the lever down). They are widely used around the world by governments and businesses to control flow of people in order to prevent crowding. Sanico USA deploys these with Bio-Metric sensors with the latest technology

Turnstiles, like cars and other machinery such as drills or lawn mowers can function for years with proper care. Just like how getting your engine's oil changed at regular intervals will extend the lifespan of these machines in operation until it needs service again; ensuring that you take good care on a turnstile system now means they'll be working perfectly when we come calling later tonight!


You found this page because you are searching for the best full height turnstile solution. Feel free to call us or schedule an appointment to learn how we can help you achieve your construction site security goals.



When we design your custom full height turnstile, you can choose which  access control and record keeping features you would like. Access control can include a traditional card reader, facial recognition or finger print scanner. Records of trainings can be associated with each employee to maintain a safe and violation free environment. Of course with Covid concerns we can also track employee and guest temperatures as well as integrate it into our contact tracing software.


Our top concern is your construction or job site security. There is no denying our turnstiles are intimidating. Just the site of these will have would-be burglars looking for a softer target. By design they only allow one person at a time into the secure area and it is impossible for an unauthorized individual to crawl under or climb over them. They are also made of 304 stainless steel which is anti-rust, robust, rigid. Sani-Secure Full Height Pedestrian Turnstiles are ideal for both indoor and outdoor settings.


Safety is another benefit when you install our turnstiles on site. This means there will not be anyone mistakenly walking onto your project and possibly getting injured. In busy cities this is common, or some intentionally try to cut through a site for a quicker commute. You staff will also be safer knowing unauthorized guests will not be able to access the construction site for robbery, mischief or soliciting.


Discover the perfect number of turnstiles for your construction site with our easy-to-use calculator! Ensure safety and efficiency by finding out exactly what your site needs.

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