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How many turnstiles do I need?

Welcome to our interactive Turnstile Calculator, the essential tool for construction site managers and event coordinators alike. This user-friendly calculator is designed to provide you with instant, accurate estimations of the number of turnstiles required for effective crowd management and security at your site. By inputting simple details about the number of people and available operation time, you can ensure the safety, efficiency, and smooth operation of entrances and exits. Dive in to explore how our calculator can streamline your logistics, enhancing operational standards and peace of mind.

Construction Site Turnstile Calculator

Calculations are based on peak workers and peak usage during start of day, lunch & end of day.

Your Peak User Input: 

Your Peak Minutes Input:

Calculated Results

AVG Throughput:

Number Of Recommended Turnstiles

Number of Turnstiles:

Number of Biometric Turnstiles:

Based on actual industry conditions and practices, it is important to note that the following information is derived from our field studies conducted in real-life scenarios. Although manufacturers may advertise passage rates of up to 700 workers per minute, our findings indicate that the rates achieved in real-life conditions are lower than those claimed.

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