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As an event organizer, you know that one of the most important aspects of putting on a great get-together is making sure it's clean and tidy. Parties should have zero downside for both you and your guests. Whether your throwing a street fair, corporate party or a family reunion at the city park we only want you to enjoy the celebration and leave the clean-up to us, it's what we do! But what happens when the time comes to clean up? That's where our team of experienced event cleaners comes in. We'll work quickly and efficiently to get your  space back to its original condition - so you can focus on the next task!


Sanico USA has all the resources for any cleaning in NYC. At our core we are a cleaning service for all industries including electrostatic disinfecting, home disinfecting and fortune 500 corporate office sanitizing. We continue to invest in state of the art equipment including electrostatic spray systems, street and sidewalk high power pressure washers that all use the latest green friendly cleaning solutions. The result of all this? Leaving your space spotless with a fresh scent while not poisoning your living space with harmful chemicals. Enjoy the party stress free no matter how messy or clumsy your guests are and rely on Sanico USA to take care of all the dirty work!


When it comes time to clean up after an event, it's important to have a team of experienced professionals who can get the job done quickly and efficiently. That's where our team of professional cleaners comes in. We'll work quickly and efficiently to get your space back to its original condition - so you can focus on the next task!


Schedule Sanico USA to come in and prep your space for a germ free party space. In today's world you can never be too cautious and no one wants the guilt of people falling ill from their celebration. We can disinfect the area with electrostatic disinfecting which is used in medical offices while helping you plan the best practices of health and safety for your party-goers. Our experienced team knows parties and helps you avoid all the pitfalls while implementing strategies to make the post clean up even faster!


For larger parties we offer on site staff  to keep things tidy and are ready to clean up any immediate hazards that may happen during your festivities. Dressed properly and extremely mindful, your guests wont even know our staff is present. You will not have to worry about  overflowing trash cans or litter accumulating and creating an unsafe environment where someone may slip or fall. This service is affordable and can really save a party from any mishaps.


After the party everyone is in good spirits and the last thing anyone wants to do is clean. Celebrations should be enjoyed, even after the celebration we want you to relax and soak in the celebration. Many times after party cleaning is executed poorly because everyone is drained or distracted with congratulation phone calls and appreciation texts. This also leads to a long clean up, sometimes finding food crumbs or party favors days or even weeks later. Let our professional staff take care of it all in very thorough and timely manner.

Here at Sanico USA cleaning is what we do and you have a party to plan! Feel free to schedule a complimentary consultation for your event cleaning and leave the stress and dirty work to us.

Event Cleaning NYC


To ensure your NYC event is the safest and cleanest experience for your party guests it is always best to leave it to the experts. Cleaning is what we do and you will be grateful not having to worry about the messy clean up.

4 reasons why you should consider a professional cleaning service:


Guest Health
Everyone is anxious or stressed about attending events, especially in NYC with large groups of people since the recent pandemic and we can help ease that tension. Sanico USA has been disinfecting hospitals, medical facilities, corporate offices and large venues for COVID since the beginning and we are extremely knowledgeable in this area. When you hire Sanico we offer everything you need to keep guests comfortable and feel confident they are in a safe space. We even offer body temp sensing cameras, guest tracking, mitigation guides and informative post cards to make everyone aware of the practices being implemented. Both you and your guests will be impressed!

Guest Safety
Having our staff help you plan and even present during your event reduces the risk of anyone slipping and falling from accumulated litter and debris, especially in outside environments. Guests can innocently drop garbage or miss the trashcan going unnoticed, this can be especially hazardous for the elderly or physically disabled attendees. We also advise on proper  sanitary practices  including where food and beverages should be according to placement of restrooms, porta-potties and janitorial closet areas. 

A Better Experience

From the moment you hire Sanico USA you will immediately feel more relaxed and be able to focus on the party planning and enjoy every minute of the actual celebration. Whether you only use us for the post party cleaning or our other services, it takes away a lot of your stress. You wont have to worry about cleaning the space yourself and hoping someone will help. You know it will be cleaned within a specific time frame. We also supply all the materials and chemicals so you wont have to guess or invest on the volume of cleaning supplies.

Many people are under the misconception expert cleaning services is costly but we can assure you it is not. Especially considering the peace of mind you have since it is being done by professionals who like to exceed expectation, it is the root of our repeat business and referrals. Sanico USA is a large organization with small diverse teams that are experienced in large venue and after party cleaning, we are probably less expensive than the payroll of your in house cleaning staff. Give us a call to discuss our service fees to be pleasantly surprised!

EVENT CLEANING NYC (844) 726-4268
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