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Are you looking to install a nyc turnstile installation with access control? Sani-Secure is our complete line of turnstile solutions that include both waist high and full height turnstiles. NYC construction and job sites are dynamic places with a lot of activity happening at any given time. There are workers coming and going, heavy equipment moving around, and materials being delivered. It can be challenging to keep track of who is on the site,  where they are supposed to be and if their certifications are up to date. This is where turnstiles can be helpful. Turnstiles provide a physical barrier that only allows authorized personnel to enter the site. They can also be outfitted with features like badge readers and fingerprint scanners to further control access. By securing the perimeter of the jobsite with turnstiles, you can help to ensure that only authorized personnel have access to the construction area. This can help to improve safety on the job and reduce the risk of  fines, theft or damage to property.


Turnstiles are a type of security gate that allow one person to pass at a time. They are generally used in places where there is a high volume of people, such as airports and train stations. Turnstiles can be either manually or electronically operated.


The main benefit of using turnstiles is that they provide a high level of security. They are difficult to tamper with, and they can be easily monitored by security personnel. Additionally, turnstiles create a physical barrier that makes it  almost impossible for people to bypass security checkpoints.


If you're looking for a reliable and effective way to secure your jobsite or construction area, then turnstiles are the perfect solution. Contact us today to learn more about this technology and how it can benefit your business.


When it comes to job site security, turnstiles are a great way to improve safety and keep unauthorized personnel off the property. Here are some of the benefits of using turnstiles for job site security:

Turnstiles for NYC Job Site Access Control


Turnstiles are the most efficient way to let people into buildings and onto job sites. They require just one touch for "authentication" and allow visitors access without waiting in line at reception desk. Turnstiles are able to handle a maximum of 30 people per minute and use biometrics for access approval

Collect Data Managment With Turnstiles


With the ability to monitor and limit access, turnstiles provide a powerful tool for data collection. They allow facility managers or executives insights into what time employees arrived and departed. We can also incorporate training certificates to make sure you do not receive fines for SST and OSHA violations.

Improve NYC Job Site Securiy


The use of turnstiles on job sites are an effective way to make high risk or sensitive facilities impenetrable. Full height floor-to ceiling barriers can be installed at any entrance point, which will act as a visual deterrent for potential threats and give employees peace knowing that they are secure within their work environment


Check out "All About Turnstiles For NYC Job Sites"


which helps you understand:

  • The basics

  • Common types

  • How they work

  • What are the benefits of biometrics

  • How to choose the best one

  • Why integrate biometrics 


Sanico USA can help you get you secure your job site and manage data of everyone entering and exiting your facility. Feel free to schedule a complimentary consultation and let us help you achieve your job site security goals.



Waist high turnstiles, or tripod tall totem pole like structures are three-arm gateways that sit at waist height. They're designed to control access into and out of a point by only allowing one person through at a time. 


Sanico USA offers a variety of styles and sizes, depending on your needs. For example they can be sleek stainless steel or custom powder-coated for rugged applications; these barriers lock when entered with either one flowered gate that swivels freely while unlocked at all other points within its range (the bars), allowing passing through without blocking access completely - perfect for customer service environments like stores where people coming into contact may need quick passage through but don't want to appear too intense about security measures! 

Modern turnstile at the stadium. Card access system, video surveillance, scanner, barrier.


Full height turnstiles are an excellent access control option for any building or job site. They can be used in conjunction with other types of security measures, such as guards or cameras to deter would-be intruders from trying anything funny on their own initiative!

With this kind if barrier there's no way someone will get past it without being detected first - which means you'll never need worry about late nights at work again because your business is safe while.



Since body temperature is unique to each individual, it can be used as a means of authentication for access control. By monitoring the body temperature of an individual, it is possible to determine whether or not that person should be granted access to a particular area.


This can be done by incorporating a thermal sensor into an access control system. When an individual attempts to enter a restricted area, the thermal sensor will detect their body temperature and compare it to the stored values for authorized individuals. If the temperature matches, the individual will be allowed access; otherwise, they will be denied entry. This type of authentication is more secure than traditional methods such as passwords or ID cards, since it is impossible to duplicate someone's body temperature.


Facial recognition technology is being increasingly used for security purposes, such as granting access to secure areas. This technology can identify people by their facial features, even if they are disguised or in a crowd. This makes it a very secure and efficient way to control access to restricted areas.


Facial recognition software is becoming more and more accurate, and it is quickly becoming the preferred method of security authentication.

There are some concerns about privacy and how the data collected by facial recognition software will be used, but overall the benefits of this technology outweigh the risks. Facial recognition is a secure and efficient way to control access to restricted areas, and it is becoming more and more popular among organizations.


Manually recorded data is time consuming and is done by one of your staff members which adds to payroll commitments. Some of the data collected can be an employees time in and time out of a job site. This makes payroll easy as well as seeing who is on time or leaving early. 

We can also incorporate other record keeping and not allowing access to employees who do not have up to date training certificates as monitored by OSHA. As you know, having an unqualified worker on site can lead to massive fines for each individual violation. You can speak to one of our staff members for your individual data management needs and we will create a custom software solution just for you!  


fingerprint scanning is becoming more and more common as a way to provide security access for buildings, computer systems, and other secured areas. By scanning the fingerprints of authorized personnel, it is possible to ensure that only those who are supposed to have access can get in.


This technology is very secure, and is difficult to forge or hack. In addition, fingerprint scanning is very convenient for people who have to regularly enter secure areas. They don't have to remember any passwords or carry any special cards around with them. Overall, fingerprint scanning is a very reliable and efficient way to provide security access.

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