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Construction Site Cleaning  NYC

Welcome to Sanico USA, where over 18 years of expertise in NYC construction site cleaning converge to redefine cleanliness and orderliness in the bustling heart of New York City. At Sanico USA, we're not just a service but a cornerstone of efficiency and reliability in the industry, ensuring every site transitions seamlessly from work-in-progress to a showcase of architectural excellence. Our commitment to excellence, backed by nearly two decades of experience, positions us as industry leaders, setting the standard for job site cleaning with an unwavering focus on safety, precision, and client satisfaction.

Why Sanico USA Stands Out

  • Expertise That Shines: Our crew knows the ins and outs of job sites like the back of their hand. From the initial rough clean to the final polish, we're the maestros of making your site sparkle, all while keeping things up to code with NYC's strict standards.

  • Custom Cleans: No two sites are the same, and we get that. Whether it's post-renovation sprucing up or a deep clean before the grand opening, we tailor our services to fit your project's needs, leaving no stone unturned.

  • Safety First: In a city that never sleeps, safety can't take a nap. Our cleaning protocols are designed to keep everyone safe, from our crew to your team, ensuring a hazard-free zone from start to finish.

  • Your Cleaning Allies: Need a hand or expert advice? Our team isn't just professional; they're approachable and ready to partner with you to make your site the cleanest version of itself.

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NYC Post Construction Site Cleaning Services

In the ever-evolving skyline of New York City, where construction never sleeps, it is not the completion of a build when the cleanup starts; it is daily if not hourly, task. Here's our meticulous approach to transforming your space  into immaculate excellence, one step at a time:

Post-Construction Clear-Out

Just as the last nail is hammered, our team jumps into action, clearing away the big stuff and setting the stage for the nitty-gritty clean that's to come.

Rough Cleaning Roundup​

This is where we tackle the stubborn dust and debris, the remnants of a job well done, ensuring the site is prepped and primed for the next step.

Light Cleaning Touch-Up

As your project nears the finish line, we keep things spick and span with regular touch-ups, because even the smallest speck of dust can't hide from us.

Final Clean-Up Finale

The grand finale of cleaning, where we dive deep into every corner, polish every surface, and ensure your space isn't just clean, it's Sanico USA clean.

Post Construction Cleaning NYC Job Site

Comprehensive Construction Site Cleaning Services in NYC

Sanico USA offers a diverse range of pre to post-construction site cleaning services tailored to varied needs. Our services are dedicated to keeping a clean and safe environment during all phases of work.


Post-Construction Cleaning:

After completing the final touches, post-construction cleaning services are essential for transforming the area into a clean, safe, and livable space. You probably already know a thorough clean-up involves a series of tasks, including dusting, sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, and window cleaning, all aimed at revitalizing every aspect of the space.

Why Choose Sanico USA?

  • Thoroughness and Efficiency: Our post-cleaning services stand out due to our unwavering commitment to detail and efficiency, which is consistently reflected in our customer feedback. We employ advanced cleaning equipment, including professional-grade vacuum cleaners with specialized filters and essential tools like brooms and dustpans, to guarantee the elimination of all remnants.

  • Systematic Approach: Our cleaning process is segmented into three distinct phases: rough cleaning, which involves removing substantial debris; preparatory cleaning, which focuses on the detailed cleaning of interior spaces; and final cleaning, which is dedicated to a thorough review and cleaning to ensure the space is ready for occupancy.

Post Renovation Cleaning Services

Renovation in NYC isn't just about transforming spaces; it's about breathing new life into them. But with every great makeover comes the grand cleanup. That's where Sanico USA's post-renovation cleaning services shine, turning the aftermath into an awe-inspiring reveal.

What We Dive Into:

  • Beyond Surface-Level: Our team doesn't just skim the surface. We're talking a deep, detailed clean that gets into every nook and cranny. From scrubbing walls to making those light fixtures gleam, we ensure your space doesn't just look renovated; it feels brand new.

  • The Nooks and Crannies: Radiator covers, ceiling pipes, and those hard-to-reach spots? Consider them handled. Our crew is like a team of cleaning ninjas, swooping in to banish the last specks of dust, leaving nothing but sparkling satisfaction behind.

In the city that never sleeps, Sanico USA ensures your renovated space is ready to dazzle, making the post-renovation clean not just a service, but a crucial part of your project's success story.


Remove Debris and Dispose

Sanico USA recognizes the paramount importance of expertly managing construction debris through our specialized removal and disposal services. Our team, proficient in handling a broad spectrum of materials from bricks and concrete to shingles and tree stumps, ensures the meticulous clearance of job sites, maintaining the highest efficiency and safety standards.

Our Expert Approach:

  • Comprehensive Material Management: Our skilled professionals are equipped to manage waste materials, ensuring a thorough and systematic site clearance that paves the way for the next stages of development.

  • Commitment to Safety and Compliance: As fully licensed and insured experts, Sanico USA upholds stringent safety protocols and industry-standard regulations throughout the waste disposal process, including hauling. 

Entrusting Sanico USA with debris removal and disposal assures clients of a service that prioritizes the cleanliness and orderliness of their sites and steadfastly commits to the overarching principles of safety and regulatory compliance, hallmarking our reputation as a leader in construction site cleaning services.

Sanico USA can help you get your facility ready for a final inspection through our 3 stage post-construction cleanup service. Feel free to schedule a free consultation and let us help you achieve your job site cleaning goals.

Light Cleaning For Post Renovation  Cleaning NYC Construction Site
Light Cleaning NYC

The Three-Phase Approach to Construction Site Cleaning

In the bustling heart of New York City, where construction never sleeps, Sanico USA stands out as a beacon of excellence in new jobsite cleaning services. With a meticulous three-phase approach, we ensure every construction site transforms from a work-in-progress to a showcase of cleanliness and safety.


Phase 1: Rough Cleaning

Our journey begins when our professional cleaning team tackles the aftermath head-on. This crucial step involves removing large debris, setting the stage for a deeper clean. Our team's expertise in job site cleaning in NYC ensures that every project, from commercial cleaning to residential makeovers, receives the foundational clean it deserves.

  • Key Services: Debris removal, sweeping, vacuuming

  • Focus Areas: job sites, new construction, large debris

Phase 2: Preparatory Cleaning

As we delve into preparatory cleaning, Sanico USA's attention to detail shines. This phase covers deep cleaning tasks like cleaning surfaces, including door handles, polish stainless steel, and ensuring light switches and ceiling pipes are dust-free. Our professional cleaners are adept at transforming spaces, making them conducive to the final touches that epitomize post-construction cleaning excellence.

  • Key Services: vacuuming floors, cleaning fixtures, dusting surfaces

  • Focus Areas: Post-renovation, interior cleaning, surface polishing


Phase 3: Final Cleaning

The final cleaning phase is the crescendo of our cleaning symphony. This is where every element of the construction cleanup process comes together, ensuring the space is not just clean but pristine. Our commercial cleaning team conducts a thorough review, vacuuming carpets, mopping floors, wiping light fixtures, and washing window frames to ensure every inch of the space is ready for occupancy.​


Sanico USA in NYC delivers comprehensive cleaning services, covering post-construction, renovation, and debris removal. Our services are characterized by their meticulousness, efficiency, and the incorporation of professional-grade equipment and eco-friendly solutions.

Our Systematic Approach

Our construction cleaning process follows a systematic three-phase approach:

  1. Rough Cleaning: Focuses on the removal of large debris.

  2. Preparatory Cleaning: Involves detailed cleaning of interiors.

  3. Final Cleaning: Encompasses meticulous review and cleaning for occupancy readiness, emphasizing attention to detail at every stage.

Hiring a professional cleaning team is vital to ensuring safety, thoroughness, and cost-efficiency. At Sanico USA, we prioritize the use of advanced tools and eco-friendly practices to achieve a clean and safe space post construction.

Rolling up our sleeves at Sanico USA, we tackle clean-up head-on, ensuring your project's as safe and spotless as a freshly pressed suit. From the first sweep to the final shine, we're all about precision, eco-smarts, and unbeatable New York grit. Choose us, and let's make your site not just clean, but Sanico sparkling.


In summary, efficient construction cleaning services in NYC ensure a clean and safe environment. These professionals cover every nook and cranny from the initial rough cleaning to the final touch-up, leaving spaces sparkling clean. They employ eco-friendly solutions and advanced tools, prioritizing safety and sustainability. Hiring professional cleaners brings peace of mind, time and cost efficiency, and meticulous attention to detail. So, as you embark on your next project in the Big Apple, consider investing in a professional cleaning service to transform your site into a masterpiece of cleanliness.

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