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Sanico USA is proud to be a certified Brivo systems dealer and NYC installation company. They offer the most trusted cloud-based access control solutions, used by millions of people around the world to protect their buildings, employees, visitors, customers, residents and data. With Brivo, we can easily and securely secure your premises, ensuring that only authorized personnel can enter your facilities. They also provides a comprehensive range of features and options that allow us to tailor your system for your specific needs. With Sanico USA you can be sure that your premises are safe and secure. Learn more about our Access Control Installation Services Here.

Brivo's mission:

Our mission is to protect lives, assets and facilities with the best products and services, from people who are passionate about quality



Small businesses have a lot on the line which is why they offer affordable solutions that are best in class without breaking your budget!


With their innovative approach to cloud solutions we can create more efficient  work environments across multiple facilities.


We can help You find your way to better decision-making with simple, flexible solutions tailored for any enterprise size company.


We help deliver smart and secure amenities that increase property efficiency as well as attract and retain top residents'



Visibility is key to protecting your organization's data and infrastructure. By gaining a comprehensive view of your environment from any device, anywhere, you can improve visibility and incident response time.


Their systems are the best way to turn actionable insights into data-driven decisions. With our intelligence and activity analysis, you can see patterns, trends, and opportunities that you may have otherwise missed.


These systems are an important part of any size  facility security strategy. By controlling who can enter your property and tracking events, you can increase the efficiency of operation and health of your building This also help compliance with local law 196.


Their modern technology platforms are designed to be flexible. So whether you have an existing system or looking looking for us to design and implement a new one, They make systems that scale as your needs change.



Enterprise-grade Cloud Security Protects Employees, Visitors and Customers

With the Brivo enterprise solution, you can rest assured knowing that your business is protected from potential threats. They currently have over 70,000 facilities using their solutions and we're happy to say it's due in part because of our innovative approach which combines cutting edge technology with human expertise

  • Manage all assets and from multiple locations in one place.

  • Connect physical security with corporate identity and  management.

  • Protect the integrity of your business with solutions that can meet industry laws and regulations.

  • Analytics built in for more people and multiple sites, to understand usage patterns, threats and abnormal behaviors.

  • Minimize cyber vulnerabilities with proven software and reduce loss due to data theft and breach.



Security with convenience is a vital part of the new office

Smarter offices are where you want to be - with Brivo, security is just a thumbprint away!  The future of the smart office doesn't have anything in common with its past. These days it's all about security and convenience; that means there needs to be tools available for any situation or task at hand: from checking who came into your building (and when), right down through opening doors remotely without having someone come out onto site again.

  • A mobile credential removes friction for everyone by allowing entry from the garage to the main doors and suite access.

  • The visitor experience can be automated to create a welcoming, secure and convenient first impression.

  • Track occupancy levels of your residents. protecting their health and safety by monitoring capacity limits.

  • Cyber solutions keep tenants data safe and secure.

  • Capture and analyze data to improve the security of your tenant experience.


Keep essential workers and facilities safe with enhanced physical security

The COVID-19 pandemic has created new challenges for everyone including those responsible for the safety of others. To help keep essential workers and facilities safe, many businesses are turning to modern solutions. These systems use contactless technologies, such as RFID cards and fobs, to provide a safe and secure way to admit authorized personnel. In addition, they can also be used to monitor traffic flow and identify potential risks. 

  • Multiple capabilities to secure different areas and protect patients, visitors and staff.

  • Medical offices need to protect data, employees, and patients through cost-effective solutions.

  • Elder care facilities must provide a safe and healthy environment in order for residents to thrive.

  • Medical dispensaries need to meet compliance regulations and prevent theft, vandalism, and unauthorized entry.

  • Gym and wellness center members can enter the facility 24/7 using their smartphones.



Secure manufacturing and distribution facilities means safer environments.

In any business, but especially in manufacturing and distribution, it is vital to have secure facilities. This means not only a safe environment for employees, but also reduced operational risk. One way to achieve this is through integrated access control systems. This type of system combines different security measures, such as CCTV and alarms, to provide a comprehensive solution. By integrating different technologies, we can provide a more effective deterrent against potential threats and theft. These systems can also be monitored remotely, giving businesses an additional layer of protection.

  • Manufacturing plants and distribution facilities need to be kept running smoothly in order to ensure efficient and safe operations. 

  • Only authorized personnel are permitted to protect IP and prevent theft in warehousing and distribution facilities. This ensures that customers can trust these facilities to protect their goods while in transit.


Protect Students while they live, learn and play.

Every parent knows, the safety of their children is always a top priority. Unfortunately, schools can be vulnerable to breaches, which can put students at risk. One way to help protect students is by using a cloud-based system. Our technology allows schools to more effectively monitor who is entering and leaving the campus. It also makes it easier to identify and track visitors, greatly reducing risks. We help make schools safer places for students to learn, live and play

  • Our proprietary school solutions provide access to approved employees and parents, creating a smooth and safe  environment. This also gives parents peace of mind, knowing their children are in a monitored environment.

  • We can design a tailored system to monitor entry points and prevent unauthorized intruders. During an emergency, you can initiate a campus lockdown to keep students and staff safe.

  • Be confident and promote campus safety from dorms to classrooms and everything in between.



Financial service providers bank on trust – and must protect employees, facilities and client assets

Customers entrust financial service providers with their life savings, and in turn, these providers must do everything in their power to protect employee and client assets. Unfortunately, traditional measures – like physical keys and guard services – are no longer enough to safeguard against sophisticated threats. That's why an increasing number of financial institutions are turning to cloud-based systems. By storing data in the cloud, these systems provide an extra layer of security against cyber attacks. They can also be managed remotely. In today's uncertain world, which is a vital tool for any financial institution looking to protect its bottom line.

  • Both national chains and community banks need to protect assets and offer a convenient experience for customers.

  • Have the ability to audit your systems regularly for compliance purposes.

  • In order to protect customer privacy and comply with policy and regulatory requirements, sensitive data and assets must be protected.

As you you can now see, Brivo has an access control system tailored to meet your individual business operations and goals. we can help you keep track of who is coming and going, and ensures that only authorized personnel have access to sensitive information and areas. When choosing the best system, it is important to find one that meets your specific needs and Their solutions are both affordable and scalable. There are a variety of options available which our friendly team can help you choose the one perfect for your facility. Contact us today to learn more.

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