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Turnstiles for Local Law 196: Ensuring Safety Compliance in the Construction Industry

Sanico USA helps you stay compliant to Local Law 196 With
Access Control Turnstiles help you stay compliant to Local Law 196

Lear all about Sancio USA's Access Control Systems.


Construction work is known for its inherent dangers, and ensuring the safety of workers is critical. To reduce the number of construction-related accidents and fatalities, the Department of Buildings (DOB) enacted Local Law 196 in 2017. This legislation outlines safety requirements and training for NYC construction sites. In this article, we will explore the significance of maintaining compliance for Local Law 196, with the use of modern turnstiles and technology. We will also dive into the key provisions of the law and provide valuable insights related to construction site safety and compliance.

Streamlining Compliance with Turnstile Solutions:

Sanico USA's turnstile solutions provide a robust framework for compliance with Local Law 196 with accurate tracking of employee attendance and training records. Sanico USA’s turnstiles are equipped with state-of-the-art biometric capabilities, ensuring that only qualified personnel (including up-to-date training credentials) gain access to the site. The integration of turnstiles with Sanico USA's advanced employee management systems, facilitates real-time monitoring of attendance and training compliance, providing project managers instant access to critical data, while denying access to unauthorized individuals without a current SST Card.

Sample SST Card for authorized personnel
Sample SST Card for authorized personnel

Local Law 196 has been implemented in stages, with different training requirements for workers and supervisors:

  • March 1, 2018: All construction workers were required to have a minimum of 10 hours of OSHA construction safety training.

  • December 1, 2019: The training requirement for workers increased to 30 hours, while supervisors were required to complete 62 hours of safety training.

  • September 1, 2020: The safety training requirement for construction workers was further increased to 40 hours.

Workers and supervisors can fulfill these training requirements by attending courses provided by DOB-approved trainers or union halls

Enforcement and Compliance:

The DOB is actively enforcing the safety training requirements outlined in Local Law 196. Contractors and job site owners must certify their workers' completion of the required training when applying for permits. The DOB conducts unannounced inspections to verify compliance with the training provisions. To ensure transparency and awareness, information signs displaying the required worker safety training, deadlines, and training hours must be prominently displayed at construction sites. These signs should be available in the languages used by the workers and comply with specific code requirements.

Violations and Penalties:

Non-compliance with Local Law 196 can result in significant penalties. Failure to provide the daily log of workers or proof of completed safety training upon request (SST Card) can lead to a fine of $2,500. In cases of non-compliance with training requirements, fines of $5,000 per untrained worker may be imposed on the site owner, permit holder, and employer.

Additional Construction Safety Requirements:

Apart from Local Law 196, the NYC Construction Code already enforces various safety measures and precautions for construction and demolition projects. It is essential to familiarize yourself with Chapter 33 of the code, which provides a comprehensive overview of these requirements.

Enhanced Access Control with Biometric Integration:

Sanico USA's turnstile solutions are first to leverage advanced biometric technologies to enhance access control and improve security measures. Facial recognition, fingerprint scanning, palm scanning, and Apple Wallet integration offer convenient and secure identification methods. This eliminates outdated physical cards or manual verification processes which can be duplicated or passed to another individual.

Facial Recognition:

Our turnstiles employ facial recognition technology, allowing for contactless and efficient entry. By simply approaching the turnstile, employees' faces are scanned for identification, providing a touchless and convenient access control process.

Fingerprint Scanning:

To further enhance security and identification accuracy, fingerprint scanning technology is available. This biometric method ensures precise and unique identification, allowing only authorized individuals to access the site.

Plam Scanning is one of the most effective biometric access control systems
Plam Scanning is one of the most effective biometric access control systems

Palm Scanning:

Palm scanning technology is another option, offering a touchless and hygienic method of identification. The distinctive vein patterns in an individual's palm provide secure and accurate biometric authentication.

Apple Wallet Integration:

Seamlessly integrate with Apple Wallet, enabling employees to store their Local Law 196 training records digitally on their Apple devices. This integration eliminates the need for physical cards, simplifies access control, and ensures easy access to compliance documentation, if audited.

Enhanced Security and Compliance:

Sanico USA's turnstiles provide a high level of security by utilizing advanced biometric technologies, ensuring that only trained and authorized personnel gain access. Compliance with Local Law 196 and similar regulations is seamlessly enforced, minimizing safety risks and liability.

Streamlined Operations:

Our Solutions streamline attendance tracking, training record management, and access control processes, saving time and reducing administrative burden. Real-time data availability allows project managers to monitor compliance effortlessly and make informed decisions promptly.

Cost Savings:

Our turnstile solutions contribute to cost savings by eliminating manual attendance tracking, reducing paperwork, and mitigating the risk of fines associated with non-compliance. Accurate recording of attendance and training records ensures that only authorized personnel are present on the site, minimizing costs and improving efficiency.

Peace of Mind:

Our solutions provide project managers with peace of mind by effectively managing access control and compliance with safety regulations. The integration of biometric technologies offers reliable identification, reduces the risk of unauthorized entry, and fosters a safe working environment.

Sanico USA is a Licensed Alarm Installer in NYC
Sanico USA is a Licensed Alarm Installer in NYC

Hiring a licensed expert for job site access control is crucial. Sanico USA is the ONLY licensed security company in NYC specializing in access control and job site safety.

  • Mitigating Insurance Liabilities: Licensed experts prioritize safety, designing access control systems that minimize accidents and reduce potential insurance liabilities.

  • Ensuring Compliance: Licensed experts stay updated on regulations like Local Law 196, ensuring that your access control system meets compliance standards.

  • Expert Installation and Maintenance: Licensed experts have the technical knowledge to install and maintain access control systems effectively, ensuring reliable performance and minimizing disruptions.

  • Cost Savings: Investing in a licensed expert prevents costly issues associated with improperly installed or non-compliant systems, saving you expenses in the long run.

In Summary:

Sanico USA's advanced turnstile solutions, integrating cutting-edge biometric technologies and efficient access control methods, enable seamless compliance with Local Law 196 and any other local regulations. These turnstiles streamline attendance tracking, training record management, and access control processes, providing enhanced security and reducing administrative burden. By implementing Sanico's innovative turnstile solutions, construction sites, job sites, and government buildings can achieve cost savings, improve efficiency, and ensure compliance with Local Law 196.


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