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Unleashing the Potential of Biometrics and Access Control: Revolutionizing Compliance and Efficiency

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

 YC Job Site Access Control Turnstile With Biometrics Being Installed
Access Control Turnstile With Biometrics Installed On NYC Job Site


In the construction industry, the importance of security, compliance, and productivity cannot be overstated. Enter biometrics and access control - transformative technologies that are reshaping the landscape of construction sites and improving compliance processes.

Biometric technologies capitalize on unique physiological features, including fingerprints, facial characteristics, or the intricate patterns of our palms. Incorporating these with access control systems, establishes a precise framework which dictates who can enter a job sites. Add in physical barriers like turnstiles, these complete solutions create a secure and reliable boundary. This integrated security solution effectively protects the valuable assets, data, and personnel, which are all critical components of construction operations.

Apart from their fundamental role in providing security, these systems also serve as strong enforcers of regulatory compliance - a crucial aspect within the construction industry. They assist in maintaining stringent health and safety standards while also upholding industry-specific regulations. They also play a crucial role in driving cost efficiency. By mitigating potential financial losses tied to security breaches, penalties from non-compliance, and productivity deficits, you can start to see how they can be a savvy investment for progressive construction companies.

Biometric Access Control Checks for Valid SST Cards Can Be Tracked
SST Cards Can Be Tracked Through Biometric Access Control

The Importance of Proper Credentials:

Credentials are more than just a formality, they are an assurance of competence and expertise of the individual bearing them. Compliance hinges on their validation, contributing to the safety and smooth operation of construction sites. Some credential in our industry include:

Site Safety Training (SST) Card: As you may know this card is issued after comprehensive safety training and is mandatory for construction workers in high-risk environments. The SST Card not only vouches for a worker's understanding of safety protocols, but also minimizes the potential for accidents by enhancing safety on the project. The Department of Buildings (DOB), enforces permit holders to comply with these laws (Local Law 196) by maintaining accurate records of all workers. Non-compliance can lead to penalties up to $5,000 per untrained worker, a liability for the site owner, permit holder, employer and any other investors.

Welding Cards: Welding is another skill that demands a high degree of precision and understanding of safety protocols. A Welding Card certifies that an individual possesses the requisite qualifications and can perform welding tasks while adhering to safety standards.

Fire Watch: A Fire Watch certified individual is trained to identify and respond to fire hazards, ensuring the safe execution of construction processes and the preservation of site assets. Their role is pivotal in minimizing fire-related incidents, ultimately contributing to the safety and efficiency of operations.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Compliance: The OSHA compliance certificate is a comprehensive credential vital for maintaining safe work environments. It covers an array of safety protocols specific to the construction industry. Adherence to these standards ensures the safety of employees, minimizes risk of regulatory penalties, and bolsters the company's financial stability.

Credentials are the backbone of compliance, validating the competency of workers and fostering a culture of safety. By employing individuals with the right credentials, construction companies are prioritizing both human life and organizational sustainability.

Turnstile With Biometrics  On NYC Job Site
NYC Job Site Turnstile With Biometrics

Biometric Access Control Systems – A Path to Compliance:

Biometric Access Control Systems are advanced security solutions that use unique physical characteristics to verify an individuals identity. They're a step beyond traditional access systems, offering a higher level of security, convenience, and compliance.

Facial Recognition: This technology captures, analyzes, and compares patterns based on an individual's facial details. It works by converting these unique features into a mathematical model, which is then matched against a database of known faces for verification.

Fingerprint Scanner: Fingerprint scanners operate by comparing the unique patterns found in an individual's fingerprints with stored data. These scanners are excellent tools for authenticating identity due to the uniqueness of fingerprints.

Palm Scanner: Palm scanners identify individuals by recognizing the unique patterns of veins in the hand. This form of biometric authentication is highly secure and less susceptible to forgery or replication.

Apple Wallet and Apple Watch: Brivo biometric access control systems also integrate seamlessly with popular devices like the Apple Wallet and Apple Watch. Users can store their digital access cards in the Apple Wallet, and with a simple tap of their iPhone or Apple Watch, they can gain access to secured areas. This convergence of biometrics with everyday technology not only enhances user convenience but also elevates the level of security.

These technologies, from facial recognition to Apple Wallet and Apple Watch integration, are not just making construction sites safer but also more efficient and compliant with regulatory requirements. By embracing these innovations, construction companies are poised to boost productivity, enhance security, and ensure a culture of compliance, positioning themselves for greater success in an ever-evolving industry landscape.

Site Accountability Starts With Access Control By Sanico USA
Sanico USA Provides You Site With Accountability

Sanico USA’s Role in Promoting Compliance:

Sanico USA plays a crucial role in driving compliance within the construction industry. Through our comprehensive range of services and products, we empower organizations to ensure adherence to regulatory requirements while enhancing security and operational efficiency.

By incorporating these cutting-edge solutions, we enable our clients to not only meet but surpass compliance standards.

Sanico USA's commitment goes beyond providing products and services. They strive to create safer, more productive construction environments and foster a culture of compliance. By setting the highest standards in compliance for the industry, Sanico USA is leading the way towards a more secure and compliant future in construction.


As you can now clearly see, compliance is of utmost importance in the construction industry, and biometrics and access control systems are powerful tools for achieving it. By utilizing technologies such as facial recognition, fingerprint and palm scanning, and integrating with devices like the Apple Wallet and Apple Watch, organizations can enhance security, maintain regulatory compliance, and foster a culture of accountability. Sanico USA stands at the forefront of promoting compliance through their comprehensive range of services and products. To explore how we can help your organization achieve compliance and optimize security, we encourage you to visit our website today and discover the innovative solutions we offer.


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