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I’m going to do my best to keep this short, I hope you find time to respond so I can learn about you. Then maybe discuss how to help our families, friends and staff navigate the New Year

 a little safer ...

Welcome to 2022, I think we heard enough in the past week about how horrible 2020-21 was, but I always try to find the good in the bad:

I’m thankful my family and I are alive and well.

Thankful to have known the few people I have lost.

Thankful for my employees and team who deals with me, without them I’m nobody.

Thankful for my customers and clients for putting food on my table.

Thankful the pandemic has made me stronger as a person..

Thankful this pandemic has strengthened my “real” relationships

Even with all this bullshit surrounding us there is always something to be thankful for. No matter what your current life situation is, you can be grateful.


This year is certainly one for the books and we can only hope things will get better and it will, but it will not be Instant and it will not be without more suffering..


We have no choice but to be resilient and get back up because we have all been knocked down so hard and you are not alone..


Today remember this:

Someone has it harder than you.

Someone has less than you.

Some have nothing at all.


Lets not forget 2020 was just last week and since then New York state passed 1 million Covid-19 cases, which more than 30,000 of its residents died from the virus. Alarmingly more than a third of the state’s total cases were reported in December as cold weather forces people indoors. The numbers due to holidays and social gatherings is what we will see this week and next and they will not be good.


You could believe in it or not but the reality is today 16K people are showing up positive daily.


This affects every industry in many ways and with our background, we have an obligation to our families, employees and our clients to do what we can to mitigate the impact.

The main things you should do is talk to your people EVERYDAY about covid. The reminder helps and discussing it in your PTP is impactful. I also like to identify congregation spots and break them up. If you can work through lunch you may actually save a life.


We opened Sanico USA in 2014 with the understanding of what a pandemic could do and people thought we were nuts.. today we are the leader in Covid-19 mitigation & remediation in the US. We are your respected resource and here to support you in anyway. 


Thank you for your time and I look forward to your response,


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Joe Covello


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