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Did you know there was an over night automatic disinfecting de-fogger? Sanifog! utilizes a scientific process that the major auto mobile manufacturers have been utilizing for years. If you look around, it is no longer routine to see cars going by scarred “body rot,” or rusting external panels. How is this possible? Auto makers treat the body of the cars in a way that causes the material to take on a negative charge. When the negatively charged atoms of the body of the car get dipped into a naturally positive charged pool of paint and rust inhibitors, the mixture adheres to the car’s body and skeleton like never before. Think of the term, “opposites attract” (magnetically). Sanifog is an “Anionized” fogging process. In this case, the negative ions are negatively charged oxygen atoms.


Because of their negative charge, these oxygen particles can attach to the natural positively charged mold spores, bacteria, viruses like a magnet. Once the ion is weighed down by the particulate matter, it’s meant to fall and get stuck to the ground, objects or the walls and soon die off. This is why the Flu usually goes dormant in the Summer months. The germs from the Flu being expelled from the body by coughing, breathing and sneezing release particulate matter (germs). The humidity or water droplets attach to the germs (particulates) and fall to the ground, where they soon become a non-threat. We also offer complete disinfecting services and COVID-19 Disinfection solutions.


However, this is not enough. We offer an added insurance benefit. Ionizers alone will not absorb or eliminate harmful particles; therefore, paired up with a U.S. CDC & EPA approved chemical, the results are a cleaner safer environment. The formula we use at Sanifog is a potent antibacterial and disinfecting solution. It is designed to kill germs and bacteria on contact. It is nontoxic and safe for use in all applications.


In summary, Sanifog utilizes a two-step process. It combines a modern atom charging technology with safe federally approved agents to collect and disinfect  the contagions that an Influenza sickness, like COVID-19 breeds. Don’t fight a pandemic alone, Follow CDC guidelines and let Sanifog take care of the rest.

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