Sani-Secure is our complete turnstile solution that includes body temperature sensing, fever detection and facial recognition software. Sanico USA in NYC has been on the front-lines of the largest city in the world and we understand mitigation. Our new turnstile adds another layer of safety to any office, work site or public space. They are available with or without facial recognition and can be custom programmed to fit your exact application through our software engineers. Call us today to discuss your unique situation. We also offer a complete line of temp sensing turnstiles and construction site access control solutions.


Body Temp Sensing Turnstile Features:

Fast temperature detection: Temperature measurement accuracy within 1° F

Thermal imaging body temperature screening

Time & attendance: TNA systems enables an employer to monitor their employees working hours and late arrivals, early departures, time taken on breaks and absenteeism.

Remote lock out: Employees and ex employees can be prohibited from passing through the turnstile at any location at anytime with simple cloud management and software tools.

Lowers operating costs: With automated non-contact temperature sensing, Sani-Secure helps reduce operating costs by conducting consistent temperature detection on pedestrians while saving manpower and personal risk.

Real-time voice broadcasting: Whether a pedestrian has a normal or abnormal temperature a voice broadcast will be heard to confirm their temperature status.


High Speed identity verification and immediate deployment of corresponding alerts: Will quickly identify pedestrians with abnormal temperature, and send out the appropriate programmed response.

Artificial intelligence: Equipped with a 2 million pixel camera for thermal imaging temperature detection & face recognition. Our turnstile cameras are also embedded with CNN (convolution neural network) which is a class of deep neural networks, most commonly applied to analyzing visual imagery. High precision thermal imaging temperature detection chips and image ISP processing technology is also on board.

Mask recognition: Cameras are able to identify is a mask is being worn properly. If a mask is not being worm the unit can be programmed to take a snap shot and play a voice warning while locking the turnstile.  IF the mask is pt on or position corrected the turnstile will unlock. This feature has an over 90% accuracy rate.

High compatibility: HTTPS protocol for fast and flexible integration; which can be interfaced into other health management platforms and big data linking.

Turnstile All-around Personal Safety Protection

When powered off, the turnstile will open automatically to evacuate people in the event of an emergency.

Over-force feedback sensors: After being subjected to an impact beyond the predetermined safety range the turnstile arms can slowly be moved for emergency response. This features protects the turnstile and the pedestrian.  

All electrical components are below  24V and are equipped with residual current protectors to prevent pedestrians from being injured by electric shock.


Advanced & Intelligent Turnstile Core Technology

The turnstile adopts CMOLO® patent passing detection kernel algorithm and matrix type photoelectric stereoscopic detection technology; it can sensitively detect the behaviors of illegal intrusion, such as reversed passing, tail-gating, etc., and send out audible and visual alarms. The turnstile can be also linked with other security systems. 

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