COVID Wristbands and Color Bracelet ID

COVID Wristbands and Color Bracelet ID


COVID ID Bracelets and Colored Wristbands

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In a post COVID worls, everyone has another layer of Pheelin these days. Do you want to go out in public to a large Venue? Restaurant? Friends House? And how do you un-politically express your unique feeling in those environments? Sanico USA has been front-lining all aspects of the pandemic creatively deploying SaniTemp, SaniFog, Electrostatic Disinfecting and now a more personal mitigating tool, Pheelin - wristbands.

Pheelin - wristbands are an easy way to let the world know easily and un-offensively how you are feeling.

​Green COVID Wristband- Pheelin' Good 

Yellow COVID Wristband-- Pheelin Unsure       

Red COVID Wristband- - Pheelin I need space   

Everyone is entitled to their own feelings, why not encourage your staff, students or guests to express how they are Pheelin'.

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