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A question-and-answer session about access control and job site security with Joe Covello, principle

Questions and Answers About Access Control With Joe Covello
Questions and Answers About Access Control With Joe Covello

Q: To start can you provide an overview of Sanico USA and the full range of services you offer for our audience?

JC: Of course, it's a pleasure to be here. Sanico USA is a modern facility management team based in the heart of New York City. We take great pride in offering a comprehensive suite of services to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Our services include Post & Final Cleaning. Commercial Façade Cleaning, Biometric access control, construction turnstiles, and industrial-grade wireless camera systems, disinfecting, scheduled cleanings, etc. By providing this full-service menu, we aim to be a one-stop solution for all temporary facility management needs.

Q: Access control seems to be a significant part of your offerings, especially for construction sites. Could you explain to our readers what access control is and why it's essential?

Joe: Absolutely. Access control systems are essentially the gatekeepers of any establishment. They are security solutions that control and monitor the flow of people or vehicles, ensuring only authorized personnel can gain access. In the context of construction sites, they're invaluable. Given the sensitive nature of construction projects, the movement of workers, equipment, and materials needs strict oversight. Access control systems provide that oversight, ensuring safety, regulatory compliance, and efficiency on the job site.

Q: And what specific solutions does Sanico USA offer in this domain, particularly for the construction industry?

Joe: Sanico USA specializes in a variety of access control systems tailored for construction sites. From turnstile installations with bio-metric sensors to data management and security cameras, we cover it all. One of our standout products is the Fort Knox X turnstile. Imagine having the security robustness of Fort Knox in a turnstile - that's what we bring to the table with this product. It's a testament to our commitment in offering the best in security solutions.

Access Control with Apple Wallet
Brivo Apple Wallet Access Control

Q: How do businesses benefit from implementing these solutions?

Joe: The advantages are multifaceted. Commercial buildings and job sites become more productive and efficient by identifying and addressing trends. They save on potential costs from theft or damage and safeguard their reputation. Moreover, it aids in compliance with health and safety mandates like Local Law 196. Features like Brivo's Apple wallet and Apple watch integration further add to the convenience.

Q: I believe Local Law 196 in NYC also emphasizes training requirements for job site workers. How does Sanico USA's access control solutions help businesses in this regard?

Joe: That's an excellent point. Local Law 196 can indeed be costly for businesses if they're found to have untrained employees on-site, with fines reaching up to $5000.00 per violation. Our systems play a pivotal role here. They don't just control access based on identity but can also be programmed to validate the training and certifications of each worker. This ensures that only those with the necessary training and certifications gain access to specific zones or tasks. So, we're not just providing a tool for security; we're offering businesses a shield against potential regulatory violations. We are exploring the synergy with multiple 3rd party companies to bring all the jobsite reporting in one place.

Q: Tell us more about the integration with Apple wallet, iPhone, and iWatch. How is that a game-changer?

Joe: With the evolution of technology, integrating access control with devices people use daily makes perfect sense. The Brivo-Apple integration means you can now use your iPhone or iWatch as an access pass. It's not just about convenience but also enhances security. People may forget key cards, but they rarely leave their phone or watch behind. I strongly believe phone integration will be the future of biometrics due to the already established comfort level with our personal devices.

Q: One often hears about biometrics being the future. How do you view it, especially with the offerings from Sanico?

Joe: Biometrics offer a level of security that's hard to rival. With systems like facial recognition, fingerprint, and palm scanning, we're moving beyond the conventional means of access. These methods are unique to everyone, nearly impossible to forge, and ensure a higher level of security. At Sanico, we're at the forefront of this biometric revolution, ensuring our clients benefit from the latest and most secure technologies.

Emergency Exit Button On Turnstile
Turnstile With Emergency Exit Button

Q: That sounds impressive. And speaking of innovation, you mentioned something before the interview about a patented emergency exit button on a turnstile?

Joe: Oh, yes! Ever wonder why there was no emergency exit button on a turnstile? Me neither. But that's precisely the kind of innovation we're excited about. Recognizing the potential safety risks in emergency situations, we've patented an emergency exit button for our turnstiles. It's a simple, yet effective solution that can make all the difference in a crisis, ensuring everyone can evacuate the site safely and swiftly. Our System triggers a safety egress while alerting the surrounding area with a audible and visible notification along with real time email notifications to owners and GC’s

Q: It sounds like Sanico USA is not only keeping up with the times but also driving innovation in the access control sector. How do you envision the future of access control, and where does Sanico USA fit into that picture?

Joe: The future of access control, as we see it, will be about blending high-end security with user-centric designs. It'll be more intuitive, adaptive, and even predictive in some cases. With the rise of smart cities and IoT, access control systems will be part of a larger interconnected web, making decisions based on real-time data, ensuring even more safety and efficiency.

Sanico USA aims to be at the forefront of these advancements. We're not just vendors; we consider ourselves partners to our clients, helping them navigate this rapidly evolving landscape. We're committed to continuous research, development, and most importantly, listening to our customers. Their challenges drive our innovations.

Q: Joe, in our discussion, the term "accountability" has come up a few times. Can you speak to its importance at Sanico USA, particularly in the realm of access control?

Joe: Absolutely. Accountability is one of the core tenets at Sanico USA. For us, it goes beyond just ensuring a secure entry and exit. It's about holding every individual responsible for their actions on the site, from the moment they step in till they leave. It's this focus on accountability that ensures both the security and smooth functioning of a job site.

In terms of access control, the detailed logging and monitoring aspects of our systems provide not just security but also a level of payroll accountability. This is invaluable for businesses. It ensures that hours logged are hours worked, leading to fair remuneration and eliminating potential disputes not only in payroll but with change orders

Q: Given all these advancements and the integration of regulations into the system, would you say Sanico USA is paving the way for innovation in the access control domain?

Joe: We like to believe so. Our goal has always been to look ahead, anticipate challenges and address them proactively. Whether it's bringing in new technologies like the Fort Knox X turnstile or patenting unique solutions like the emergency exit button on a turnstile, innovation is in our DNA. It's what drives us every day to offer not just products but comprehensive solutions that address a wide gamut of challenges our clients might face.

Turnstile With Bio-Metrics Access Control Installation NYC
NYC Installation Of Turnstile With Bio-Metrics Access Control

Q: Joe, given the global trajectory of technology and business, does Sanico USA envision broadening its reach beyond New York City to cater to a more expansive audience, perhaps even on an international scale?

Joe: Absolutely, we're already on that path. Sanico proudly serves the entire East Coast with unparalleled service, and we're setting our sights on a nationwide presence. While New York City remains our anchor, we recognize the vast potential and needs of the global market. Facility management and access control challenges are prevalent everywhere, and Sanico USA is equipped with the expertise and systems to tackle them on a grander scale. We've initiated projects in several areas outside of NYC and are enthusiastic about the prospects. Keep an eye out for some thrilling announcements coming soon!

Q: That's an inspiring vision. For businesses or construction sites that are still on the fence about investing in modern access control systems, what would be your message to them?

Joe: In today's world, the question isn't whether you need an access control system; it's which system is right for you. The risks of not having robust security in place, from theft and unauthorized access to potential regulatory fines, far outweigh the initial investment. More so, a well-implemented access control system isn't just about defense; it's a tool that can significantly enhance operational efficiency, worker accountability, and overall project management. I'd urge businesses to view it not as an expense, but as a long-term investment in their project's success, safety, and reputation.

Q: Lastly, for businesses contemplating investing in access control systems, what's your message?

Joe: Access control isn't just about security; it's about optimizing your business operations and safeguarding your reputation. With potential penalties for non-compliance and the inherent risks in today's world, can you afford not to invest? At Sanico USA, we're here to guide you every step of the way, from understanding your unique needs to installing the perfect solution. Your safety, efficiency, and peace of mind are our top priorities.

Q: Thank you, Joe. Before we wrap up, is there any final advice or insight you'd like to share?

Joe: Always remember that the front line of your security starts at the access points. Keeping them secure, efficient, and up-to-date not only guarantees safety but also sets the tone for a professional, well-managed facility or construction site. Embrace the technology and advancements of today for a safer tomorrow. We are always interested to create with owners so that the system is tailored to what they are already used to. I encourage GC’s and Owners to reach out and see what we have coming in the pipeline and maybe with their input make some changes that benefit them. AI Security and Onboarding systems is currently being work on and we would love to here from you


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