Construction Site Access Control

Access Control

A good job site access control strategy can be complex but you can trust Sanico USA to make it all simple. Learn more about our access control options for security, safety and employee attendance.

Cleaning Schedules NYC

Cleaning Schedules

Cleaning is what we do and we do it best! Sanico USA provides services and frequencies to meet your needs.We provide Daily Cleaning, Periodical Cleaning, Special Cleaning and Segment Cleaning.

disinfecting sprayer NYC

Disinfecting Sprayer

Sanifog utilizes a scientific process that the automobile manufacturers have been utilizing for years. Sanifog is an “Ionized” fogging process. In this case, the negative ions are negatively charged atoms.

Guest Tracking NYC

Guest Tracking

This process prevents further transmission of disease by separating people who have (or may have) an infectious disease from people who do not. It is a core disease control measure used for decades.

body temp camera NYC

Body Temp Cameras

Sanico USA can install these devices to assure employees and guests are working in a safer environment. Call us today to find out about how we can make sure everyone feels safer going back to work.

Cleaning Services NYC

Cleaning Services

Your space is the first impression you make as a contractor, property manager or owner. The facility itself and the level of cleanliness is what ultimately attracts prospective tenants.

drone disinfecting NYC

Drone Disinfecting

Sanico provides drone disinfecting and sanitizing for COVID-19 and other pathogens at large venues. Using EPA-approved chemicals, Sanico disinfecting drones can spray over large indoor facilities.

Home Disinfecting NYC

Home Disinfecting

Sanico USA complete home disinfecting services are according to the CDC guidelines. Our trained friendly staff will eliminate any dangerous pathogens that are potentially harmful to you.

body temp turnstiles NYC

Body Temp Turnstiles

Sani-Secure is a complete solution with body temperature sensing and facial recognition software. Sanico USA in NYC has been on the front-lines of the largest city in the world and we understand mitigation.

disinfecting services NYC

Disinfecting Services

Sanico USA deploys the most advanced disinfecting and sanitizing services in New York City and the surrounding areas with electrostatic spray systems by Byoplanet® International.

Event Cleaning NYC

Event Cleaning

Parties should have zero downside for both you and your guests. Whether your throwing a street festival or holiday party we only want you to enjoy the celebration and leave the clean up to us.

Sanitized Safe Zone NYC

Sanitized Safe Zone

We are all anxious to get back to normal, going back to work, school and even out to eat but we are also concerned about the possible risks. The Sanico Seal assure visitors the facility is disinfected and safe to enter.

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