Sanico USA services are available for complete drone disinfecting and sanitizing of COVID-19 and other pathogens at large venues . Using EPA-approved chemicals, Sanico disinfecting drones can spray over large indoor facilities such as Parks, ballparks and stadiums, as well as indoor spaces like arenas, warehouses, prisons and government offices. We can help you understand the crucial yet simple role drones play in our arsenal of COVID-19 mitigation instruments. 



Everyone is looking forward to being in the energy of the crowd and when you’re ready to welcome them back, Sanico USA is READY TO MAKE THAT A REALITY. We have always been innovative but only with science backed data. We purchased our first patented ByoPlanet ® Electrostatic Spray System in 2014 and continue to seek out cutting edge technology to complete our mission of sanitizing, disinfecting and now COVID-19 mitigation. Our number one priority is the effectiveness of application. We make sure our results are meeting our high standards while exceeding your expectations.


Sanico USA has been using electrostatic sprayers for over 6 years. We have the experience in destroying COVID-19 and other pathogens. Sanico USA is  always looking to execute faster while looking at cost factors and down time for our clients during these difficult times without sacrificing any effectiveness. We are setting a new standard by utilizing drones to mitigate for COVID 19 where possible.



In the past we have been tasked with sanitizing and disinfecting large complexes in and around the NYC area. These projects would sometimes take weeks and thousands of hours of our man power. With Sanicos proprietary spray solution, "spraying efficiency" can be 50 times faster than traditional methods and can cover 1,000,000 square feet in hours not days. These statistics mean a lot during a crisis where down time plays a critical role.


Drone Disinfecting is contactless, our staff is highly sensitive when it comes to following mitigation protocols but these instruments will keep us even safer. Instead of deploying 30 to 50 personnel to a location we can send a crew of 3 or 4. The reduction in man hours helps drive cost, exposure and injury down. Some facilities need to be sanitized multiple times a week and Sanico USA is now set up to do that with Autonomous equipment and FAA Licensed drone pilots.



How much does it cost to have a drone disinfect your facility? There are many factors to consider for any space, indoors or out? Concert hall or playing field? Seating capacity? Sanico USA will assess the property and give you a complete plan for mitigation including spray drones for larger areas along with staff to disinfect office spaces and smaller rooms. We can also assist with body temp cameras, turnstiles with temp sensors, pedestrian traffic patterns and other recommended CDC guidelines. 

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