Solar Panel Cleaning Long Island


Solar Panel Cleaning 

Solar panels create energy by absorbing sunlight. To absorb the most sunlight to create the most energy, solar panels must be clear and clean. Solar panels are directly exposed to the outdoor elements, no matter what kind of environment you live in, these natural elements can effect the performance of your solar panels. Dust, leaves, water and bird droppings are common solar blockers. This debris reduces the solar panels' ability to perform at full capacity, absorbing less sunlight and generate less electricity. You cannot rely on rain alone to keep your solar panels clean and effective. Regular, professional cleaning ensures your solar panels are producing as much energy as possible. Dirt, dust and pollen can accumulate on the solar panel decreasing the amount of sunlight the panel can receive. A clean solar surface is key to absorbing  and producing the most energy. Professional solar panel cleaning  ensures the safety and care of your investment.


Why Clean Solar Panels


You cannot depend on rain alone to clean your solar panels. Solar panels have a special protective layer that is exposed to the elements. No matter what climate you live in: dry or humid, solar panels must be cleaned regularly to maintain maximum efficiency. Dirt, dust, pollen and bird droppings can coat the panels and effect efficiency. Regularly cleaned panels ensure that your panels are performing at optimal capacity, saving you energy and money. 

When To Clean Solar Panels


Solar panel cleaning is recommended at least twice a year. It is important to monitor your energy intake to ensure that your solar panels are performing to their maximum capacity. If you are exposed to extreme elements you may consider solar panel cleaning on a more regular basis. If your solar panels are located around or under trees, they make be more exposed to pollen and bird droppings, which may require a regular seasonal cleaning. 

How To Clean Solar Panels


Solar panel cleaning requires special equipment and cleaning solutions. Relying on solar panel cleaning services guarantees the protection of your investment. Just as with other electric power source, safety precautions are necessary. If solar panels are damaged or the glass is broken, there is a risk electrocution. We offer experienced, knowledgable and careful solar panel cleaning services. 


To ensure your solar panels are absorbing the maximum amount of sunlight to produce the energy your home or business needs, you must rely on professional solar panel cleaning. 

Here at Sanico USA cleaning is what we do and we understand solar panel maintenance is an investment, we also understand your time is limited, feel free to schedule a complimentary consultation at your convenience.