Your building or site is the first impression you make as a general contractor, property manager or owner.  Your facility, and its level of cleanliness, sets the bar for your commitment to provide a property which is desirable for prospective and existing tenants.

Sanico makes your facility looks its very best. 


Office and Building Cleaning

Corporate Office and Building Cleaning Services

Sanico USA will perform the following office cleaning services: dusting, washing, and polishing of all surfaces; vacuuming of carpets and/or cleaning of non-carpeted flooring; cleaning of all appliances, bathrooms, and food preparation areas; trash collection and removal.

All labor, supervision, materials, and equipment required to perform these tasks will be provided by Sanico.

This is a basic offer and details of you commercial or residential needs will be discussed.

Laundry and Floor Mat Cleaning Service

Mats capture dirt and liquids while people enter and walk through your building, not only keeping your place clean, but also reducing maintenance costs. 

On a scheduled basis, a Sanico USA rep will carefully pick up your dirty mats and replace them with fresh, clean ones. Mats capture dirt and liquids while people enter and walk through your building not only keeping your place clean, but also reducing maintenance costs.

Our service ensures the mats continue to capture dirt week after week.


Solar Panel and Window Cleaning Service

Solar panels are exposed to sunlight to produce electricity. However, if you live in an area with heavy particulates in the air,  it's a good idea to get your panels cleaned regularly. Dirty solar panels produce less electricity, which is why solar panel cleaning is an essential component of any solar maintenance program.   Our maintenance team is available to clean solar panel arrays on homes, businesses, or large ground mount systems. And as a part of the cleaning service, we perform a visual inspection of the solar array! This ensures that everything appears to be in good working order.

Commercial Lighting Maintenance and Service

Whether your lighting is indoor or outdoor, hidden or fluorescent, Sanico USA can be the trusted maintenance and repair team for all your lighting needs. Ensuring that your lighting is properly maintained, we clean the reflector and lens and even wipe down the entire fixture.

We take the time to handle even these seemingly small details because we know they make a difference for the overall performance of your lighting fixture. Our experienced NYC lighting installation, repair, and maintenance staff understands that the accumulation of dirt will increase the heat of the fixture and lead to component failure. We ensure that your light fixtures are working at the highest level and in the best condition.

Pest Control Services

Sanico USA has been your friendly local exterminator in NYC for decades. New York is where we started out and we ensure that we remain true to our roots; that each of our highly trained, licensed and state-certified pest control specialists is local, so you get prompt, friendly, neighborly service. Sanico USA has been trusted by customers to protect their homes and businesses for years and we strive every day to be the pest exterminators NYC residents and business owners turn to for their pest control needs.

Our pest control specialists provide professional, effective, eco-friendly pest solutions to common NYC  pest such as termites, cockroaches, bed bugs and other problems like spiders, scorpions, fleas and ticks.



School, Daycare, and University Disinfection Services:

MRSA, or methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, is a type of drug-resistant bacteria known to cause serious skin infections. MRSA can live on people’s skin and, as a result, can easily be transmitted by surfaces. MRSA can be found as part of a person’s skin flora and can be easily shed and continue to live on environmental surfaces, creating a possible vector for transmission to other people. Incorporating ByoPlanet®’s electrostatic disinfectant spray system into your infection control measures can help prevent the spread of MRSA within school classrooms and facilities.

Public Transportation Disinfection Services: 

Transmission of communicable diseases can spread on the fomites of transportation vehicles, including on bus seats and tray tables. Transmission of infection can occur between passengers who are seated in the same area of a vehicle, usually as a result of the infected individual coughing, sneezing or by touch. To help fight the spread of pathogens, environmental surfaces should be properly cleaned and disinfected to ensure proper efficacy against organisms that are known to cause illnesses, such as influenza COVID 19, Coronavirus and rhinovirus.


Medical Office Disinfection Services:


The healthcare environment can harbor a reservoir of infectious agents where pathogens spread in emergency medical facilities due to the population they serve. ByoPlanet’s superior coverage provides better protection against the spread of illness-causing germs including  SARS-CoV-2, the cause of COVID-19, Coronavirus faster and easier than ever before.

Cruise Line and Airline Industry Disinfection Services:


Disease causing pathogens, including norovirus, are common to cruise ships and airlines. An infected person can contaminate their environment directly or indirectly; however, the main route is by touching surfaces contaminated with norovirus.

Cruise lines have trusted ByoPlanet® for their electrostatic disinfection and sanitization needs since ByoPlanet®’s birth.

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