We are a service company with impeccable Cleaning Service Schedules. Cleaning is what we do and we do it best! Sanico USA provides services and frequencies to meet your needs. We provide Daily Cleaning, Periodical Cleaning, Special Cleaning and Segment Cleaning.


Office Daily Cleaning Schedule

Daily Cleaning Schedule

Daily cleanings are completed in order to keep an office clean and sanitary for office workers and clients. Cleaning areas include the lobby area, reception, offices, cubicles, break rooms and restrooms. Our Daily Cleaning Services Include:

  • Wipe down all light switches, door handles and office electronics

  • Wipe down all hard surface areas

  • Vacuuming all floor areas

  • Mop all floor areas

  • Remove and replace all waste basket trash bags

  • Clean and Sanitize all toilets, doors and fixtures in restrooms

  • Refill soap, toilet paper and paper towel dispensers as needed.

This is a general guide line, specifics will be discussed and evaluated as necessary.

Periodical Cleaning Schedule

Periodical cleaning tasks are done less frequently, but still extremely important and must be scheduled to minimize contamination and larger service calls.

  • Buffing hard floors

  • Carpet spot cleaning and shampooing

  • Cleaning upholstered furniture

  • Clean / replace HVAC ventilator filters

  • Interior and exterior window washing

  • Wash waste baskets

  • Wipe wall surfaces and base boards

  • Clean breakroom appliances including coffee pots, water coolers and refrigerators.

This is a general guide line, specifics will be discussed and evaluated as necessary.


Event Clean Up Services

Your event takes a lot of time and energy to plan and execute.  The last thing we want to be concerned with is the clean up. We understand the mess people can leave at a venue and will having it look better than when you arrived. We can also make sure the venue is ready before you start setting up as well. We clean up all events and venues including:

  • Corporate parties

  • Catering halls

  • Trade show events

  • Grand opening events

  • Fundraiser events

  • Movie theaters

  • Weddings

  • Holiday parties 

Learn all about our pre-party disinfecting and after event cleaning services here.

Special Clean Up Services

Special cleaning is a more complex and intensive cleaning that goes beyond periodic and scheduled cleaning. Sanico has the experience and sound expertise your company needs when it comes to:

  • Fire and water damage cleaning

  • System and server room cleaning

  • Facade cleaning and waterproofing

  • Stone and rock cleaning

  • New construction clean up

  • Graffiti and spray paint clean up

  • Parking garage clean up and rejuvenation

This is a short list of our special clean up services and we are properly outfitted for all special clean up projects.


Segmented Clean Up Services

Sanico USA provides you with the best range of Industrial and commercial cleaning services with effective & timely execution.

  • Pre and post construction cleaning

  • Seasonal clean up

  • Roadside construction clean up

  • Bridge and tunnel repair clean up

  • Building renovation clean up

  • County park preservation and clean up

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