Sanico USA provides janitorial and cleaning services for over millions of square feet in hundreds of commercial, industrial and medical buildings throughout the NY Metropolitan and suburban areas.

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When did Sanico USA open?

Frank Capone and Joseph Covello started Sanico USA in 2015.

Why was Sanico USA created?

There was a need for a cleaning company that understood the clients we were working with in our other businesses which is ground up large scale construction projects. There are other reputable cleaning companies in the market for office however there was a something missing in our field. We took the level of professionalism that is expected from our other businesses and applied it to the construction cleaning world. Since than we have evolved into office, healthcare, governmental etc..

When and Why did you purchase the electrostatic disinfection systems?

We purchased the patented ByoPlanet ® Electrostatic Spray System in 2015. We were in Las Vegas at a Cleaning conference and the technology was compared to powder coating which is a process that is effective and I’m also very familiar with in my other business. To have that process be used with chemical was a no brainer for maximum disinfecting coverage.

How is having these machines impacting your business now?

When we bought the electrostatic disinfecting machines for our cleaning services in 2015 we never thought they would be this much in demand. We paid a big price in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, it was the right decision to make. Plenty of people are still using exterminating foggers, sprayers and hand sanitizers none of which are the proper way to protect against the spread of the Coronavirus and can cause an improper disinfecting. In a pandemic speed is also critical and we are able to cover square footage that would not be achievable with other methods.

Quality Assurance:

Quality in our NY janitorial business is a process of continuous improvement. Not just an inspection program, it means supervision and management communicate a standard of cleanliness that the service worker understands and believes in. Quality is the result of good hiring practices, effective training, sufficient supervisory time, feedback to the crew and committed management. Bad cleaning programs are a roller-coaster of improvement and failure, improvement and failure. Good cleaning programs are characterized by an upward trend in quality and customer satisfaction. Here’s part of the formula:

“Quality starts with the janitor”, is the cornerstone of sound management in our business. Screening, training, proper supplies & equipment and an attitude of concern produce the best results when it’s all said and done.

Program design means taking the time to analyze the facility, location, surface types, specifications, customer budget requirements and intended results to develop a cleaning program that works for all of us. Your facilities will be surveyed and then we will estimate a workload to determine the exact labor requirements. This, along with our experience has enabled us to both determine an accurate price and schedule the actual work; area by area, task by task, cleaner by cleaner.

“Inspect what you expect” is the principal that has made successful managers for generation. It’s no less true in the janitorial industry. Driven by the specifications and modified by your unique requirements, inspections keep management in touch, supervision thinking, employees informed & recognized and quality high.

Supervision Training:

Everyone agrees, supervision is critical to the success of a cleaning program. The person directly in charge of the crew is the person who ultimately delivers the goods. We know that at Sanico USA and that is why we place so much emphasis on recruiting, training and keeping outstanding supervisors.

Training for advancement means greater opportunity. Everyone in our company knows that the way to better compensation is through improved skills and more responsibility. The way to achieve that is through:

  • Monthly training meetings

  • Video tape training on scores of topics

  • Outside seminars

  • The Sanico supervisor and operations manual

  • Safety department training sessions

  • The advice of their management team

Employee Training:

We recognize that trained employees are an asset to our company and our clients. Our experience has demonstrated that effective training produces happier, more productive and confident people who deliver a higher quality product on a more consistent basis. That adds up to some very good reasons for a strong emphasis on training at all organizational levels of our company.

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